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Hoping we can be of help to you with your future requirements. Our policy is simple; we aim to provide you with the best quality product, service and delivery possible at competitive prices.
We Buy
In Any Condition
We Buy West German Autos!
New Parts
Used Parts
Please contact us soon - you will not be disappointed with our service.
New service parts are supplied at competitive prices and are mostly genuine original equipment, or of German manufacture, thus maintaining build-quality and reliability.
6130 Huron
Co. 80221
We hope you enjoy the website.

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Wyoming & Colo
Your vehicle needs regular maintenance to stay at it's best. Leave it to the experts for quality care. Our state of the art facility features Certified Parts and Service personal who are ready to help you at all times. With honesty, friendliness, and loyalty, we are committed and dedicated to providing and supplying genuine parts and service to all our valued customers. We want to help keep your car on the road for years to come.

Not only does our Parts Department have a complete inventory of all factory parts to keep your car in top notch condition. We also carry a wide selection of accessory's.

Welcome to our VW Part selection page. All VW parts are arranged by their appropriate category below.  We stock a full selection of VW Parts, VW OEM Parts, and Aftermarket VW Parts all for YOU!!!  Still can't find what you are looking for? Contact our expert sales associates " CASEY " OR  "ARLIN" 1-303-657-9690 . They are standing by to assist you in finding an appropriate VW part or to place your order.

VW Auto body parts used
We have a huge inventory of VW auto parts at an unbelievable price.
VW auto parts and VW Accessories
VW A/T Fluid  VW Antenna  VW Antenna Mast
VW Block Heater  VW Block Heater Kit  VW Book
VW C.V. Joint Grease  VW CD-ROM Repair Manual  VW Coolant/Antifreeze
VW Kleen Wheels  VW Manual Antenna  VW Paper Repair Manual
VW Power Antenna
VW Air Intake System
VW Air Filter  VW Air Flow Meter  VW Air Flow Meter Boot
VW Air Intake Hose Clamp  VW Air Mass Meter  VW Auxiliary Air Valve
VW Auxiliary Valve Hose  VW Breather Filter  VW Breather Hose
VW Breather Hose Grommet  VW Breather T-Connector  VW CO Adjustment Plug
VW Deceleration Elbow  VW EGR Filter  VW EGR Valve
VW EGR Valve Gasket  VW Intake Boot  VW Intake Boot Plug
VW Intake Manifold Hose  VW Intake Manifold Sleeve  VW Oil Line Gasket
VW Overrun Cut-off Valve  VW PCV Valve Diaphram  VW Pre-Heat Hose
VW Turbo Exhaust Gasket  VW Turbo Mount Lock Tab  VW Turbo Mounting Bolt
VW Turbo O-Ring  VW Turbo Oil line Gasket  VW Vacuum Tube Elbow
VW Body Electrical
VW Air Conditioning Switch  VW ATC Fuse  VW Auxiliary Fan Relay
VW Back-Up Light Switch  VW Battery Cable  VW Ceramic Fuse
VW Cold Start Relay  VW Combination Switch  VW Coolant Level Relay
VW Cruise Control Switch  VW Defroster Switch  VW Driving Light
VW Fog Light  VW Fog Light Bulb  VW Fog Light Kit
VW Fog Light Lens  VW Fuel Gauge  VW Fuel Pump Relay
VW Fusebox  VW Glow Plug Relay  VW Hazard Flasher Switch
VW Headlight Adjust Screw  VW Headlight Assembly  VW Headlight Bulb
VW Headlight Door  VW Headlight Frame  VW Headlight Housing
VW Headlight Lens Housing  VW Headlight Sealed Beam  VW Headlight Switch
VW Heated Seat Relay  VW Horn  VW Idle Boost Relay
VW Instrument Light Bulb  VW Interior Light Assembly  VW Oil Pressure Relay
VW Oil Pressure Sender  VW Oil Pressure Sender Seal  VW Oil Temperature Sender
VW Relay  VW Side Marker  VW Side Marker Assembly
VW Side Marker Lens  VW Speedometer Cable  VW Stop Light Switch
VW Strip Fuse  VW Tail Light Lens  VW Tail Light Lens Assembly
VW Turn Signal Assembly  VW Turn Signal Lens  VW Turn Signal Relay
VW Turn Signal Switch  VW Twin Connection Switch  VW Washer Check Valve
VW Washer Hose  VW Washer Nozzle  VW Washer Pump
VW Washer Pump Grommet  VW Washer Reservoir  VW Washer Reservoir Cap
VW Washer Reservoir Plug  VW Water Temperature Sender  VW Windshield Wiper Arm
VW Windshield Wiper Motor  VW Wiper Blade  VW Wiper Blade Insert
VW Wiper Linkage  VW Wiper Relay  VW Wiper Shaft
VW Wiper Switch  VW Wire with Terminals
VW Body Mechanical & Tr
VW Aperture Cover  VW Bumper End  VW Bumper End Mount Kit
VW Central Lock Switch  VW Door Handle  VW Door Handle Gasket
VW Door Lock Cylinder Set  VW Door Seal  VW Door Striker Pin
VW Engine To Body Seal  VW Fender Mounting Kit  VW Glove Box Lock
VW Grille Assembly  VW Hatch Seal  VW Hatch Strut
VW Hood Lock Assembly  VW Hood Release Cable  VW Hood Release Handle
VW Hood Rod Clip  VW Hood Seal  VW Hub Cap
VW Lug Bolt  VW Lug Nut  VW Lug Nut Cover
VW Mirror  VW Moulding Clip  VW Running Board Kit
VW Sunroof Cable  VW Sunroof Cable Set  VW Trunk Lock Assembly
VW Trunk Strut  VW Vacuum Supply Pump  VW Window Channel
VW Window Crank  VW Window Motor  VW Window Regulator
VW Window Seal  VW Window Switch  VW Windshield Seal
VW Brakes
VW ABS Speed Sensor  VW Anti-Rattle Spring Set  VW Booster Check Valve
VW Booster Hose Connector  VW Booster Vacuum Hose  VW Brake Adjusting Nut
VW Brake Adjusting Plug  VW Brake Adjusting Screw  VW Brake Booster
VW Brake Caliper  VW Brake Caliper Bolt  VW Brake Disc
VW Brake Drum  VW Brake Hose  VW Brake Light Switch
VW Brake Master Cylinder  VW Brake Master Repair Kit  VW Brake Pad Set
VW Brake Pressure Regulator  VW Brake Reservoir  VW Brake Reservoir Cap
VW Brake Reservoir Grommet  VW Brake Reservoir Hose  VW Brake Shoe Keeper Kit
VW Brake Shoe Pin Clip  VW Brake Shoe Set  VW Caliper Bushing Kit
VW Caliper Pin Boot Kit  VW Caliper Repair Kit  VW Parking Brake Cable
VW Rear Axle Cotter Pin  VW Vacuum Pump  VW Wheel Cylinder
VW Climate Control
VW A/C & Heater Control  VW A/C Clutch  VW A/C Condenser
VW A/C Evap Temp Sensor  VW A/C Evaporator  VW A/C Evaporator Drain
VW A/C Expansion Valve  VW A/C Fan Relay  VW A/C Filter
VW A/C High-Low Switch  VW A/C Hose  VW A/C O-Ring
VW A/C Receiver-Drier  VW A/C Relay  VW A/C Safety Switch
VW A/C Switch  VW ACC Cabin Filter  VW Blower Motor Resistor
VW Heater Cable  VW Heater Core  VW Heater Fan Switch
VW Heater Hose  VW Heater Motor  VW Heater Valve
VW Heater Valve O-Ring
VW Clutch
VW Clutch Cable  VW Clutch Cable Guide  VW Clutch Cable Kit
VW Clutch Cable Parts Kit  VW Clutch Cable Retainer  VW Clutch Clevis Pin
VW Clutch Disc  VW Clutch Hose  VW Clutch Kit
VW Clutch Master Cylinder  VW Clutch Pedal  VW Clutch Pedal Pad
VW Clutch Pedal Shaft  VW Clutch Pilot Tool  VW Clutch Pivot Pin
VW Clutch Pushrod  VW Clutch Pushrod Bushing  VW Clutch Pushrod Seal
VW Clutch Release Arm  VW Clutch Return Spring  VW Clutch Shaft
VW Clutch Shaft Bush. Kit  VW Clutch Slave Cylinder  VW Clutch Thrust Plate
VW Flywheel  VW Flywheel Bolt  VW Flywheel Glandnut
VW Flywheel Shim  VW Pedal Cluster Bracket  VW Pilot Bearing
VW Pressure Plate  VW Rel. Brg. Clip  VW Rel. Brg. Guide
VW Rel. Brg. Shaft  VW Release Bearing  VW Thrust Plate Clip
VW Cooling System
VW Acc. Belt Idler Pulley  VW Acc. Belt Tension Pulley  VW Accessory Belt Tensioner
VW Aux. Fan Control Unit  VW Aux. Fan Resistor  VW Aux. Fan Switch Seal
VW Auxiliary Fan Assembly  VW Auxiliary Fan Blade  VW Auxiliary Fan Sensor
VW Auxiliary Fan Switch  VW Auxiliary Water Pump  VW C-Clip Retainer
VW Coolant Bleed Hose  VW Coolant Level Sensor  VW Cooling Hose
VW Cooling Hose Flange  VW Cooling Hose Flange Kit  VW Cooling Hose Flange Plug
VW Cooling System Cap  VW Cooling System Cap Seal  VW Engine Cooling Bellows
VW Engine Temp. Sensor  VW Expansion Tank  VW Expansion Tank Cap
VW Expansion Tank Hose  VW Fan Blade  VW Fan Wire Grommet
VW Lambda Sensor Hose  VW Radiator  VW Radiator Hose
VW Radiator Mount  VW Terminal Housing Boot  VW Terminal Pin Housing
VW Thermostat  VW Thermostat Housing  VW Thermostat Housing Cover
VW Thermostat Housing Gskt.  VW Thermostat O-Ring  VW Water Distribution Hose
VW Water Distribution Pipe  VW Water Flange Gasket  VW Water Flange O-Ring
VW Water Hose Connector  VW Water Outlet O-Ring  VW Water Pipe O-Ring
VW Water Pump  VW Water Pump Gasket  VW Water Pump Housing
VW Water Pump Pulley  VW Water Pump Seal
VW Diesel Injection
VW Diesel Inj. Hose  VW Diesel Inj. Line  VW Diesel Inj. Nozzle
VW Diesel Inj. Plug  VW Diesel Injector  VW Injection Pump Solenoid
VW Injector Heat Shield  VW Injector Mounting Kit  VW Shut-Off Valve
VW Vacuum Pump Repair Kit
VW Drive Belts
VW Fan Drive Belt  VW Multi Rib Belt  VW V-Belt
VW Driveshaft & Axle
VW Axle Assembly  VW Axle Nut  VW Bearing Housing
VW C.V. Boot  VW C.V. Boot Clamp  VW C.V. Boot Kit
VW C.V. Joint  VW C.V. Joint Bolt  VW C.V. Joint Gasket
VW C.V. Joint Kit  VW Stub Axle  VW U-Joint
VW Wheel Bearing  VW Wheel Bearing Kit  VW Wheel Bearing O-Ring
VW Wheel Hub  VW Wheel Seal
VW Engine Electrical
VW Alt. Mount Bushing  VW Alt. Mount Washer  VW Alternator
VW Alternator Brush Assy.  VW Alternator Pulley  VW Ballast Resistor
VW Breaker Plate  VW Distributor Cap  VW Distributor Gasket
VW Distributor O-Ring  VW Distributor Retainer  VW Distributor Rotor
VW Generator  VW Generator Bearing  VW Generator Brush
VW Generator Brush Set  VW Generator Pulley  VW Glow Plug
VW Glow Plug Kit  VW Hall Sender  VW Hall Sender Parts Kit
VW Hall Sender Rotor  VW Ign Coil & Control Unit  VW Igniter
VW Ignition Coil  VW Ignition Condenser  VW Ignition Control Unit
VW Ignition Distributor  VW Ignition Points  VW Ignition Wire Connector
VW Ignition Wire End Plug  VW Ignition Wire Holder  VW Ignition Wire Set
VW Knock Sensor  VW Plug Connector Boot  VW Reference Sensor
VW Spark Plug  VW Spark Plug Connector  VW Starter
VW Starter Bushing  VW Starter Relay Kit  VW Trigger Points
VW Vacuum Advance Unit  VW Voltage Regulator
VW Engine Parts
VW Adapter Retainer  VW Air Guide Deflector  VW Cam Chain Tensioner
VW Cam Follower  VW Cam Plug  VW Camshaft
VW Camshaft Bearing Set  VW Camshaft Gear  VW Camshaft Hole Plug
VW Camshaft Seal  VW Case Saver Insert  VW Connecting Rod Bolt
VW Connecting Rod Nut  VW Connecting Rod Set  VW Countershaft Pulley
VW Crank Pulley Seal  VW Crank Seal Cover Gasket  VW Crankcase Gasket Set
VW Crankcase Vent Hose  VW Crankshaft  VW Crankshaft Gear
VW Crankshaft Pulley  VW Crankshaft Seal  VW Crankshaft Seal Kit
VW Cyl. Head Bolt Set  VW Cylinder Head Bolt  VW Cylinder Head Gasket
VW Cylinder Head Gasket Set  VW Cylinder Head Seal  VW Cylinder Head Stud
VW Cylinder O-Ring  VW Engine Gasket Set  VW Engine Mount
VW Engine Mount Bolt  VW Engine Mount Bracket  VW Engine Mount Cap
VW Engine Mount Spacer  VW Engine Mount Stop  VW Engine Mount Washer
VW Engine Sealant  VW Engine Shock  VW Engine Shroud Screw
VW Exhaust Flange Gasket  VW Exhaust Manifold Gasket  VW Exhaust Valve
VW Flywheel O-Ring  VW Freeze Plug  VW Head Bolt Washer
VW Intake Manifold Gasket  VW Intake Plenum Gasket  VW Intake Valve
VW Intermed Shaft O-Ring  VW Intermed. Shaft Brg. Set  VW Intermediate Gear
VW Intermediate Shaft Seal  VW Main Bearing Set  VW Oil Cooler
VW Oil Cooler Hose  VW Oil Cooler Seal  VW Oil Cooler Seal Kit
VW Oil Deflector  VW Oil Dipstick Funnel  VW Oil Drain Plug
VW Oil Drain Plug Gasket  VW Oil Filler Cap  VW Oil Filler Cap Gasket
VW Oil Filter  VW Oil Filter Housing Cap  VW Oil Filter Kit
VW Oil Filter O-Ring  VW Oil Filter Stand Gasket  VW Oil Pan
VW Oil Pan Baffle  VW Oil Pan Gasket  VW Oil Pick-up Tube
VW Oil Pick-up Tube O-Ring  VW Oil Pump  VW Oil Pump Bolt
VW Oil Pump Drive Gear  VW Oil Pump Gasket  VW Oil Pump Restrictor
VW Oil Pump Sealing Nut  VW Oil Return Tube  VW Oil Return Tube Circlip
VW Oil Sump Gasket Set  VW Oil Sump Screen  VW Piston & Cylinder Set
VW Piston Ring Set  VW Piston Set  VW Pushrod
VW Pushrod Tube  VW Pushrod Tube Seal  VW Rocker Shaft Spacer Ring
VW Rod Bearing Set  VW Seal Ring  VW Spark Plug Insert
VW T-Belt Tensioner Damper  VW Tensioner Gasket Kit  VW Tensioner Roller
VW Tensioner Stud  VW Thrust Bearing Set  VW Timing Belt
VW Timing Belt Kit  VW Timing Belt Roller  VW Timing Belt Tensioner
VW Timing Chain  VW Timing Chain Tensioner  VW Timing Cover Grommet
VW Timing Cover Mount Nut  VW Timing Guide Rail  VW Valve Adjust Nut
VW Valve Adjust Screw  VW Valve Adjust Shim  VW Valve Cover
VW Valve Cover Gasket  VW Valve Cover Gasket Set  VW Valve Cover Seal Strip
VW Valve Cover Seal Washer  VW Valve Cover Washer  VW Valve Guide
VW Valve Keeper  VW Valve Spring  VW Valve Spring Retainer
VW Valve Stem Seal  VW Wrist Pin Bushing  VW Wrist Pin Bushing Set
VW Exhaust
VW Cat. Converter Gasket  VW Catalytic Converter  VW CO Test Tube Cap
VW Connecting Pipe  VW Elbow Pipe  VW Exh. Seal Ring Kit
VW Exhaust Buffer  VW Exhaust Clamp  VW Exhaust Gasket
VW Exhaust Hanger  VW Exhaust Manifold  VW Exhaust Manifold Washer
VW Exhaust Mounting Kit  VW Exhaust Nut  VW Exhaust Pipe
VW Exhaust Seal Ring  VW Exhaust Stud  VW Exhaust System Kit
VW Header Pipe  VW Header Pipe Bolt  VW Header Pipe Clamp
VW Header Pipe Gasket  VW Heat Exchanger  VW Heater Blower Hose
VW Intermediate Pipe  VW Muffler  VW Muffler Clamp
VW Muffler Clamp Kit  VW Muffler Gasket  VW Muffler Gasket Set
VW Muffler Mount  VW Muffler Strap  VW Pre-Heat Hose Clamp
VW Pre-Heat Hose Sleeve  VW Tail Pipe  VW Tail Pipe Clamp Kit
VW Tail Pipe Gasket  VW Tail Pipe Mount Kit
VW Fuel Delivery
VW Fuel Accumulator  VW Fuel Feed Hose  VW Fuel Feed Line
VW Fuel Filter  VW Fuel Filter Seal  VW Fuel Hose
VW Fuel Housing Mount  VW Fuel Line  VW Fuel Pump
VW Fuel Pump Check Valve  VW Fuel Pump Flange  VW Fuel Pump Housing
VW Fuel Pump Mount  VW Fuel Pump O-Ring  VW Fuel Return Line
VW Fuel Screen  VW Fuel Sending Unit  VW Fuel Tank
VW Fuel Tank Cap
VW Fuel Injection
VW Air Temp. Sensor  VW Cold Start Valve  VW Cold Start Valve Gasket
VW Electronic Control Unit  VW Frequency Valve  VW Fuel Distributor
VW Fuel Distributor Line  VW Fuel Distributor O-Ring  VW Fuel Inj Control Unit
VW Fuel Inj Holder O-Ring  VW Fuel Injector  VW Fuel Injector Holder
VW Fuel Injector Line  VW Fuel Injector Seal  VW Fuel Injector Seal Kit
VW Fuel Pressure Regulator  VW Fuel Regulator Seal Kit  VW Idle Control Unit
VW Idle Control Valve  VW Idle Control Valve Hose  VW Idle Valve Hose
VW Lambda Control Unit  VW Lambda Idle Sensor  VW Lambda Temp. Sensor
VW Lambda Temp. Sensor Kit  VW Oxygen Sensor  VW Thermo Time Switch
VW Throttle Body  VW Throttle Cable  VW Throttle Cable Bushing
VW Throttle Cable Connector  VW Throttle Cable Pin  VW Throttle Position Sensor
VW Throttle Return Spring  VW Throttle Switch  VW Throttle Switch Gasket
VW Warm Up Regulator  VW Water Temp Sensor O-Ring  VW Water Temp. Sensor
VW Hardware
VW Bulb - Halogen
VW Steering
VW Idler Arm Bushing  VW Idler Arm Repair Kit  VW Ignition Lock Cylinder
VW Ignition Lock Housing  VW Ignition Switch  VW Link Pin Repair Kit
VW P/S Filter  VW P/S Fluid  VW P/S Hose
VW P/S Mounting Bolt  VW P/S Pump  VW P/S Pump Repair Kit
VW P/S Reservoir  VW Steering Column Brng.  VW Steering Damper
VW Steering Gearbox  VW Steering Rack  VW Steering Rack Boot
VW Steering Rack Boot Kit  VW Steering Rack Bushing  VW Steering Rack Mount
VW Steering Shaft  VW Tie Rod Assembly  VW Tie Rod End
VW Suspension
VW Ball Joint  VW Ball Joint Lock Plate  VW Control Arm
VW Control Arm Bolt  VW Control Arm Bushing  VW Control Arm Bushing Kit
VW Control Arm Spacer  VW King Pin Repair Kit  VW KYB Installation Kit
VW Link Bushing  VW Shock Absorber  VW Shock Bellows
VW Shock Bump Stop  VW Shock Bushing  VW Shock Mounting Kit
VW Spring Seat  VW Strut Assembly  VW Strut Bearing
VW Strut Bellows  VW Strut Bump Stop  VW Strut Dust Sleeve
VW Strut Housing  VW Strut Insert  VW Strut Mount
VW Strut Mount Bushing  VW Subframe Mount  VW Suspension Kit
VW Sway Bar Bushing  VW Sway Bar Link
VW Tools and Hardware
VW Bolt  VW Cotter Pin  VW Dowel Pin
VW Exhaust Spring Tool  VW Halogen Bulb  VW Light Bulb
VW Nut  VW Service Reset Tool  VW Spring Washer
VW Stud  VW Washer
VW Transmission
VW AT Cooling Hose  VW AT Filter  VW AT Filter Gasket
VW AT Filter Kit  VW AT Fluid Screen  VW AT Fluid Screen Gasket
VW AT Friction Disc  VW AT Gasket  VW AT Gasket Set
VW AT Oil Cooler  VW AT Overhaul Kit  VW AT Pan Gasket
VW AT Pan Gasket Spacer  VW AT Piston  VW AT Piston Kit
VW AT Seal  VW AT Selector Cable  VW AT Selector Cable Kit
VW AT Speed Sensor  VW Clutch Case Gasket  VW Diff. Oil Cooler Seal
VW Differential Bearing  VW Differential Gasket  VW Differential Oil Cooler
VW Drive Axle Seal  VW Drive Flange Cap  VW Final Drive Gasket Set
VW Final Drive Seal Kit  VW Gear Selector Lever  VW Gear Shift Lever
VW Gear Shift Repair Kit  VW Governor Seal  VW Mainshaft Bearing
VW Mainshaft Seal  VW Neutral Safety Switch  VW Pinion Bearing
VW Pinion Seal  VW Pinion Shaft Nut  VW Rel. Brng. Seal
VW Relay Lever  VW Relay Shaft  VW Relay Shaft Bracket
VW Shift Bracket Bushing  VW Shift Coupling Kit  VW Shift Lever Bushing
VW Shift Linkage Boot  VW Shift Rod Seal  VW Shifter Bushing Kit
VW Shifter Housing  VW Shifter Support  VW ST Bearing
VW ST Gasket Set  VW ST Gear  VW ST Gear Set
VW ST Mainshaft  VW ST Seal  VW ST Synchro Hub
VW ST Synchro Ring  VW ST Synchro Sleeve  VW Torque Convert. Seal
VW Trans. End Cover Gasket  VW Transmission Mount
We wish all our customers, past, present & future,
a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year!

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